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Why the Techny EZ Strut Compressor was developed?

Since 1984 Techny Precision Mfg., Inc. has been involved in the design and manufacturing of tooling and sub assemblies for various industries in the industrial sector.

Due to several requests we also began to offer machine shop services for tools and parts revisions to local automotive service shops. In 2003, Auto Mechanics/Technicians and Automotive Shop Owners brought to our attention their concerns on servicing struts and requested that we should design a strut spring compressor that would be safe to use, fast so they could get the job done efficiently, universal so they would not need to buy any additional accessories or shoes, portable so they could easily bring it to their job site, easy to use and that it be a quality made tool in U.S.A.

We heard their concerns and realized that although strut compressors have been around since the modern automobile, no real significant changes have occurred in their operational method. Therefore, in 2004 Techny Precision Mfg., Inc. set out to design a Strut Spring Compressor Tool that would address all the concerns that the Automotive Technicians and Shop Owners had in strut repair & replacement. After many trials of building prototypes for a variety of concepts, Techny Precision Mfg., Inc. developed the professional, universal Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor Tool.

The patented Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor Model T3300 is manufactured in U.S.A by Techny Precision Mfg., Inc.

Manufactured in Addison, Illinois

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