Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor.

Do I need to purchase any extra adaptors, shoes or accessories?

No additional adaptors, shoes or accessories are required. It was designed as an all inclusive universal professional strut spring compressor tool that's ready to work for you.

What size spring diameters can the EZ Strut Compressor hold?

Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor handles them all. The heavy duty locking jaws, slide in and out to easily accommodate your smallest springs up to your largest springs diameters to 9.50", with smallest wire diameters up to 3/4".

Does the EZ Strut Compressor accommodate the extra long springs and shorter springs?

Extra long springs? No problem! Short springs? No problem! This tool handles your most difficult coil over shocks. Long, short, small, large, narrow, angled offset, conical and tight wound springs, this tool handles them all with ease! The maximum stroke is 11.50", and by repositioning the ram stop, you can achieve a travel of up to 14.00".

Does the EZ Strut Spring Compressor handle the different spring helix variations.

The professional Techny EZ Strut Compressor can EASILY handle any spring helix variation. The heavy duty adjustable jaws tilt up and down to compensate for the variety of spring helix variations. It easily handles tight wound spring with spacing as close as 9/32". See our uncut/unedited video on Servicing A Conical, Small Diameter, Tight Wound Spring

Does the EZ Strut Compressor work on left & right hand springs?

Yes, Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor is a universal tool that handles them all! The patented jaws tilt to accommodate either left or right springs with ease.

What is the open & closed vertical height distance from the pivoting head to jaws?

The open front design allows easy access to place spring in and out. The contact point from the pivoting head to jaws provide a generous open height of 17" to a closed height of 3.50".

Do I need to insert my hands inside the spring for guidance to insert the strut thru strut mount bearing?

Absolutely not! The spring is held inside 2 large heavy duty jaws that wraps around the spring to securely keep the spring in place for optimum safety. The precision self centering locking jaw method securely holds in place a variety of spring diameters. The pivoting screws located on the head of the Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor allow for further adjustment to bring bearing inline in the event the strut mount is also replaced, after compression with new mount, for the ease of insertion of new strut.

Is the EZ Strut Compressor portable?

Yes the Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor tool - Model T3300 is an all-inclusive universal tool. You do not need to purchase a stand to make it portable. It was designed for the professional tech to easily roll it to any job site by slightly tilting the tool back, so that the wheels located on the back touch the floor and be easily transported, thus avoiding any wasted time going back and forth gathering tools needed to complete the strut assembly job.

How does the EZ Strut Compressor speed up my job time?

The Techny EZ Strut Compressor is extremely efficient in servicing struts as seen on our video web page. The open end design allows you to easily position the spring into the monster jaws that lock in place for a secure hold, and by utilizing the hydraulic jack, you effortlessly and quickly compress the spring. If the strut spring needs additional servicing, simply release the pressure of the hydraulic jack so the head slides up and you can quickly service the strut. To provide a smooth and reliable operation, we added a ball bearing slide.

Where is the EZ Strut Compressor manufactured?

Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor is manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.

Who manufactures the EZ Strut Compressor?

Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor is manufactured by Techny Precision Mfg., Inc.

Where can I purchase the Techny EZ Strut Spring Compressor?

It is available for purchase through Automotive Tools and Equipment Suppliers, Industrial Tool Suppliers and Mobile Tool Dealers.

I have additional questions that are not answered here, how do I contact you?

Please use our online contact us form with any questions you may have.